electronic media artist


(2014, 5:27', 1080 HD, stereo) 

A work by Banksy, painted on a car and a truck trailer in the empty lot next to 159 Ludlow on October 09, 2014. Partially vandalized, the installation was carted off on October 11, whence this accident occurred. Out on an errand, I happened on the removal of the piece. I was recording other people's cellphone videography when suddenly a man slumped down along my leg. For a moment, the thought occurred to me that it might be staged. I can't remember seeing or hearing what had actually happened - the snapping of one of the belts that tied the trailer to the fork lift. I only saw it after, as a playback on someone else's phone. With a belt work load limit of 3335 lbs, the impact of the wayward buckle must have seriously injured the man's leg. His friend called the ambulance, and I left the scene before it arrived.