electronic media artist


(2005, interactive SD video, media player with remote control, video projector, stereo, ca. 90 minutes of movies)     

An investigation of memory and architecture. The artist's home, a tenement apartment, transforms into a virtual wunderkammer, where distant places and different times, personal biography and collective cultural history, fact and fiction all coexist. Traveling back and forth in time, navigating with the remote control, the visitors uncover within the diminutive one bedroom apartment a labyrinth of spaces - potentially infinite. Effortlessly changing between microscopic and macroscopic dimensions, they descend into subterranean worlds, lift off skywards like dreamers, free from the binds of gravity and linear time. Luminous Point seamlessly combines video and computer generated material, creating a new form of electronic work, a hybrid composed of elements from narrative and documentary video/film, computer game, virtual reality, and photography.