electronic media artist


Born in Rapperswil | Switzerland, 1954

BFA, Hochschule der Künste/University of the Arts, Zürich, 1974-1979

Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York, 1981

Lives and works in New York and Zurich


post (at)

Select Solo Exhibitions

2022  Memory of Light - Light of Memory, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH (curator: Roland Wäspe)

          Filmtage Solothurn, world premiere of «INDOCAM», Solothurn/CH

2018   India Material, The Shed Space, Brooklyn, NY (curator: Roberta Bonisson) 

2017   In Focus: Alexander Hahn, Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil/CH 

         (curators: Victoria Fleury, Lorin Reichwein) 

         Moonlighting: Dance by Lunar Polarity, Schlesinger Stiftung, Wald/AR/CH 

         (curator: Christian Rothmaler)

2015   All the World is a Stage, Kunstraum Oktogon, Bern/CH 

2013   Indian Records, New York Electronic Festival, Harvestworks, New York 

2012   Cao Chang Di Road on November 24 2009 I Stood There Waiting, Harvestworks, New York

2010   Bringing Things to a Standstill, Kunstraum Oktogon, Bern/CH 

          Luminous Point, Le Petit Versailles, New York 

2008  Alexander Hahn - Luminous Point, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genoa/IT 

          (part of Festival della Scienza) 

2007  La Signoria degli Astri, Padiglione d‘Arte Contemporanea, Ferrara/IT

         (curator: Maria Luisa Pacelli, Daniele Gasparinetti, retrospective, cat.) 

          Alexander Hahn - Works 1976-2006, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg/AT

         (curator: Toni Stooss, retrospective, cat.) 

          Alexander Hahn - Works 1976-2006, Kunstmuseum Solothurn/CH 

         (curator: Christoph Voegele, retrospective, cat.) 

2006  Darat-al-Funun, Amman/JO 

2003  Mémoires Astrales d'un Homme Volant, Kunsthalle Winterthur/CH (cat.)

2002  Mémoires Astrales d'un Homme Volant, Musée Jenisch, Vevey/CH 

         (curator: Dominique Radrizzani, cat.)

2000  Memory of Presence, Netmage, LINK, Bologna/IT 

1999  I Came Here to Sleep, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin/DE (curator: Jo Eckhardt)

1998  Popular Admiration of Great Thieves, Melkweg, World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam/NL

         The Invisible Never Happens, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal/CH (curator: Esther Jungo)

1997  Gesichtswahrnehmung, Kunstmuseum Bern/CH 

1996  Fundamentals of Legerdemain, International Center of Photography, New York

         (curator: Charles Stainback)

         O Naturze Rzeczy - On the Nature of Things, Galeria Miasto, Ciesyn/PL (curator: Joanna Mytkowska)

         O Naturze Rzeczy - On the Nature of Things, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw/PL 

         (curator: Joanna Mytkowska, cat.)

1995  Personal Records, Kunsthaus Zürich/CH (cat.) 

1994  Rats, Daad Galerie, Berlin/DE (curator: Friedrich Meschede, cat.) 

1993  Of Shadow & Light, World Wide Video Centre, The Hague/NL (cat.)

1991   The Bernoulli Itinerary, Katharinen, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH (curator: Roland Wäspe) 

1984  Cyborgs and Other New Machines, White Columns, New York/US 

1982  Plant #50-316, Franklin Furnace, New York/US 

         Plant #xx-xxx/Ways, 626 Broadway, New York/US 

1979  Wege - Ways, Galerie Toni Gerber, Bern/CH 

1978  Wege - Ways, Galerie Apropos, Luzern/CH

Bi-personal Exhibitions

2014    Vis-à-vis #6: Chiara Coccorese | Alexander Hahn, c|e contemporary, Milan/IT 

2008   Room for Thought: Alexander Hahn & Yves Netzhammer, 

           Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco/US (curator: Rudolf Frieling)

1989   Space & Memory: Marie José Burki & Alexander Hahn, Swiss Institute, New York, Mar 02 – 23 (-> cat.)

Group Exhibitions and Festivals

2024   Expanding Horizons - Videos from the Collection, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH

          (curator: Nadia Veronese)

            Mein Garten - My Garden, Kunst(zeug)haus Rapperswil/CH (curator: Florian Hürlimann)

            We the parasites: A playbook for complicity - Page #2, Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil/CH

           (curator: Marlene Bürgi)

2023   Future Vision Festival, AI & Humans, Substore, Tokyo/JP («Endless Dream Co.», Official Selection)

            25th Madurai Int. Documentary &. Short Film Festival, Madurai/IN («INDOCAM», Official Selection)

           Artist Postcards, Bahn Haltestelle Strahlholz/CH

           (curators: Birgit Widmer, Harlis Schweizer Hadjidj and Hans Schweizer)

           Topshot International Filmfestival, Kino Muranów, Warsaw/PL («INDOCAM», Official Selection)

            On Art - Poland, Centrum Kultury, Lublin/PL INDOCAM», Winner in the category Video Art)      

          Transparent Film Festival, New York INDOCAM», finalist)

2022   Close:Up, Edinburgh Docufest, Edinburgh/GB («INDOCAM», nominated Best Experimental Docu)

           Switzerland International Filmfestival, Aubonne/CH («INDOCAM», official selection)

           Videosyntezy 2022, Galeria Ring, Legnica/PL («Occult Chemistry», Oct 10 - Nov 24, 2022)

           Artist Postcards, Bahn Haltestelle Strahlholz/CH

           (curators: Birgit Widmer, Harlis Schweizer Hadjidj and Hans Schweizer)

           The Collection :: Highlights & Heavyweights, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH (cur.: Matthias Wohlgemuth)

            GoGoGo, Le Grütli, Geneva/CH (Artist videos, curated by Marie-Ève Knoerle)

2021   We are Family, La Mama Gallery, New York

           Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH (project management: Nina Keel & Anna Vetsch

          curators: Nadia Veronese and Lorenz Wiederkehr)  

          Artist Postcards, Bahn Haltestelle Strahlholz/CH

           (curators: Birgit Widmer, Harlis Schweizer Hadjidj and Hans Schweizer)

          .ART Global Gallery, Ars Electronica Festival 2021, Linz/AUT (Sept 08 - Sept 12, 2021)

          Sortie de Rout(in)e, Videoformes 2021, Clermont-Ferrand/FR (Mar 18 - Apr 04, 2021)

2020  Welt am Draht - World on the Wire, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH (curator: Roland Wäspe)

          #ICPConcerned - Global Images for Global Crisis, International Center of Photography, New York

         (curators: David Campany & ICP staff)

          Artist Postcards, Bahn Haltestelle Strahlholz/CH 

          (curators: Birgit Widmer, Harlis Schweizer Hadjidj and Hans Schweizer)

          Pictures in Motion, Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Switzerland (curators: Konrad Bitterli, Lynn Kost)

          artTour, Galerie Sprenger & Tommasi, Wetzikon/CH curators: Claudine Sprenger, Sergio Tommasi)

          Face to Face I, Kunstraum Oktogon, Bern/CH (curator: Ferdinand Oberholzer)

2019   9th Cairo International Video Festival, Cairo/EG (world premiere of Occult Chemistry)

          Physical and Digital: multifaceted visions in electronic art, New York Electronic Art Festival,

          Governor's Island, New York (curator: Carol Parkinson)                       

          Art&Friends, Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York (curator: Regula Ruegg) 

          Poetische Flucht in die Wirklichkeit, Kino Kiwi, Schaffhausen, 

         (curators: Carmen E. Kreis, Eveline Schüep)

2018   Etherea # 2 -  No Limits, Brera Mediateca, Milano/IT  

         (curators: Viana Conti, Derrick de Kerckhove, Virginia Monteverde)  

          EPA CINE – El Palomar International Independent Film Festival /AR

         (Latinoamérica premiere of Antloop

2017   Etherea # 1 -  Digital Universe - The medium is the message

         Art Commission Events Association, Genoa/IT 

         (curators: Viana Conti, Derrick de Kerckhove, Virginia Monteverde)  

         Little Cinema, International Festival for Experimental Films & New Media Art, TENT, Kolkata/IN  

         Extended Cahiers, GROUND Art Center, Moscow/RU (curators: Madeleine Amsler, Patrick Gosatti)  

         Cottidiana, Kunstzeughaus, Rapperswil/CH

         (curators: Victoria Fleury, Petra Giezendanner, Lorin Reichwein )  

         Le Chat, BDFIL - International Comics Festival, Lausanne/CH, (curator: Dominique Radrizzani)  

         Rebel Video, Swiss National Museum, Zurich/CH (curator: Heinz Nigg)  

         Measured Time, Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York (curator: Regula Ruegg)           

         Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich and Helmhaus Zürich/CH

         Ewige Gegenwart. Zeitgenössische Kunst aus der Graphischen Sammlung ETH Zürich        

         (curators: Linda Schädler & Simon Maurer) 

2016  Zeit verstreichen. Moment und Dauer in der Gegenwartskunst, Kunstmuseum Solothurn/CH 

         (curator: Patricia Bieder) 

          Von Anselm bis Zilla: Einblicke in die Sammlung Peter & Elisabeth Bosshard

          Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil /CH (curator: Petra Giezendanner) 

          Maschinenträume. Kunst zwischen Science-Fiction und Zukunftsentwurf

          Haus der Universität Düsseldorf/DE 

          Dreamscapes, Bronx Breeze, New York (curator: Anna Pasztor) 

          Art&Friends, Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York ( curators Regula Ruegg, Katrin Roos)      

          Nel Flusso dell'Opera, Contemporary Culture Center, Palazzo Tagliaferro, Andora/IT   

          (curator: Viana Conti) Festival della Scienza, Genova/IT 

          Film Implosion! Experiments in Swiss Cinema and Moving Images 

          Fri-Art Centre d'art contemporain, Fribourg/CH 

2015   The Experimental TV Center, ETC - a History, Hunter Gallery, New York (curator: Sarah A. Watson) 

          Heimspiel, Kunsthalle St. Gallen/CH 

2014   Hyper-Seeing, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing/CN (curator: Keyi Messi Luo) 

          TI-CH. Arte svizzera nelle acquisizioni del Museo Cantonale d’Arte 1999-2014

          Museo cantonale d'arte, Lugano/CH (curator: Elio Schenini)

2013   Lemancolia, Musée Jenisch, Vevey/CH (curator: Dominique Radrizzani) 

          Experimental Documentaries, Anthology Archives, New York (curator: Tova Beck-Friedmann) 

          Difference Screen, Artisterium, Tbilisi/GE (curators: Bruce Allan & Ben Eastop) 

          Difference Screen, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar/MN 

          Difference Screen, Clarewell Caves, Forest of Dean/GB 

          VideoEx, Zürich/CH 

          Parallel Cities, Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi/IN 

          Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon/IN (Sarai Reader 09 | Event 03, curator: media Raqs) 

2012   Video Lounge, India Art Fair, New Delhi/IN  

          Heimspiel, Kunsthalle St. Gallen/CH 

          Springende Lachse, Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil/CH 

2011    ctrl + 0 - digital Art, nextex, St. Gallen/CH (curator: Corinne Schatz) 

          Experimental Television Center Tribute, Anthology Film Archives, New York

          (curator: Sherry Miller) 

          Art&Friends, Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York (curator: Regula Ruegg & Karin Roos) 

          Amphibian, Time In Gallery, New York (curator: Mathew Greenbaum) 

          Café des Rêves, Helmhaus Zurich/CH (curator: videocompany) 

2010   IMAI Videolounge, Art Köln, Cologne /DE 

          Festival des Films sur l'Art, Montréal/CA (curator: Chantal Molleur) 

          Timelapse, Centre PasquArt, Bienne/CH (curator: Zhang Ga)  

          Theatre du Passage, Neuchatel/CH 

          An Evening of Swiss Video Art, Kunsthaus Aarau/CH 

          Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Kunstmuseum Solothurn/CH (curator: Christoph Voegele)     

          Playlist, Galleria Neon Campobase, Bologna/IT (curator: Viana Conti)    

          Videonale Bonn /DE 

2009  Media Art China - Timelapse, National Art Museum of China, Beijing/CN (curator: Zhang Ga) 

          art limited – multiple art, 18th Triennale Grenchen/CH 

          (curators: Daniel Gaemperle & Thomas Woodtli)

2008  30th Anniversary Benefit, Harvestworks, New York/US

          Swiss Video Art from the 70s and 80s. A Reconstruction, Kunstmuseum Luzern/CH

          (curators: Johannes Gfeller & Irene Schubiger) 

          I LOVE Jenisch, Musée Jenisch, Vevey/CH (curator: Dominique Radrizzani) 

          Comme des bêtes, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne/CH 

          (curator: Bernard Fibicher)

2007  Brave Lonesome Cowboy, Villa Merkel, Esslingen/DE (curator: Konrad Bitterli) 

          Unterwegs, Trudelhaus, Baden/CH (curator: Brigitta Rosenberg) 

2005  Dumbo Arts Festival, New York 

          Cinema Texas, Austin          

          Gallery 128, New York 

          Transat Video, Caen/FR 

          Mediaart Friesland, Harlingen/ NL 

          Brennpunkt Schweiz, Kunstmuseum Bern/CH 

          Me myself I, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen (curator: Konrad Bitterli) 

2004  whiz bang, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (curator: Meg Shiffler)

          whiz bang, Harvestworks, New York/US (curator: Meg Shiffler)       

2003  Travel of the Immobile Man, Fondazione Ragghianti, Lucca/IT (curator: Viana Conti)

          bilder*codes# 1992–2002, ZKM | Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe/DE (curator: Barbara Könches) 

2002  Travel of the Immobile Man, Villa Croce, Genova/IT (curator: Viana Conti) 

          Images of Catastrophe, 48. Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen /DE (curator: Florian Wüst)

          ZZ zur Zeit, Institut für digitale Kultur [IDK] Palais Besenval, Solothurn/CH (curator: Jörg Mollet)

2000  New Media Lounge, The Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art (curator: Michael Rush)

         Bleibe, Akademie der Künste, Berlin/DE (curators: Karen & Jörg van den Berg)

         Media Art Action Interaction [produced@zkm], Galerie K & S, Berlin/DE (curator: Rudolf Frieling)

1999.  au naturel, Oboro, Montréal (curator: Florian Wuest)

          Phototage Biel/CH (curators: Vincent Juillerat & Stefano Stoll) 

          MediaSkulptur '99. Video-Kunst-Szene-Schweiz, Kunsthaus Langenthal/CH 

1997   Un Autre Regard, Musée Neuhaus, Biel/CH (curator: Betty Stocker)

1996   Video-I see, Swiss Institute, New York (curators: Esther Maria Jungo & Maria Smolenicka)   

          Lointain. Wege des Imaginären in der Wiedergabe des Realen, Untere Fabrik Sissach/CH  

          curator: Esther Maria Jungo)

1995  Vagamundo: reflexiones sobre el exilio, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid/ES 

1994.  Lab V, Center for Contemporary Arts, Warschau/PL (curator: Ryszard Kluczyński)

          Sommer Exhibition, Schloss Plön/DE (curator: Valentin Rothmaler)

          Video-Installationen Szene Schweiz, Kunsthaus Langenthal/CH (curator: Ursula Widmer)

1993   The Final Frontier, The New Museum, New York (curator: Alice Yang) 

          Museum of Modern Art, Oslo/NO  

          Neues Technisches Museum, Dresden/DE 

1992  Committed Visions, Museum of Modern Art, New York (curator: Barbara London)

         Kunsthalle Basel/CH

         Frammenti Interfacce Intervalli – Paradigmi della Frammentazione nell’Arte Svizzera

         Museo di S. Agostino, Genova/IT,  Apr 08 - Jun 28 (curators: Viana Conti, Heidi Saxer-Holzer)

1989  Videoskulptur, Kunstverein Köln/DE (curators: Edith Decker & Wulf Herzogenrath)    

         Videoskulptur, Kunsthaus Zürich/CH (curators: Edith Decker & Wulf Herzogenrath) 

         Video-Kunst: Grafiken, Photos, Werkzeichnungen, RTL Plus Galerie, Köln/DE

         Extended Definitions: Video Experiments in Perception, Artists Space, New York 

         (Curator: Cara Mertes)

         Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo/JP 

         Video Gallery Scan, Tokyo/JP

         Kunstverein Freiburg i. B./DE

         San Francisco Poetry Film Festival, San Francisco

1988  SIGGRAPH, Atlanta, Georgia 

         3rd Australian Video Festival, Sydney/AU

         North Florida Video Festival, Jacksonville 

         Video Wochen im Wenkenpark, Basel/CH (curators: Reinhard Manz & René Pulfer) 

         VFIPER, Lucerne/CH

         WNET/13, New Television, New York (curator: Cara Mertes) 

         7th World Wide Video Festival, The Hague/NL

         Swiss Institute, New York

         18th International Forum Junger Film, Berlin/DE

         London Video Arts, London/GB

1987  Stiller Nachmittag: Aspekte Junger Schweizer Kunst, Kunsthaus Zürich (curator: Toni Stooss)

         Junge Künstler, Landesmuseum und Pavillon Werd, Zürich (curator: Christoph Schenker)

         The Other New York, American Museum of the Moving Image, New York 

         Techno Bop, The Kitchen, New York (curator: Sara Hornbacher)

         Waking Dreams, Museum of Photography, Woodstock, NY 

         Ars Electronica, Linz/AT 

         International Festival of New Cinema/Video, Montreal/CN 

         World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag/NL 

1986  American Film Institute, Los Angeles 

         Cast Iron Cable TV, New York (curator: Ira Schneider)

         Millennium, New York

         The Alchemical Theatre Space, New York

         New York State Museum, Albany

         Video Refuses, San Francisco

         AC-TV, Columbus, OH

         Institut für Moderne Kunst, Nürnberg/DE

         Städtische Galerie Erlangen/DE

         Video Szene Schweiz, Kunstverein Köln/DE

         VFIPER, Lucerne/CH 

         Video Wochen im Wenkenpark, Basel/CH

1985  Alternating Currents, Alternative Museum, New York 

         Future Histories, Anderson Gallery, Richmond/US

         Video Works On Paper, Film Video Arts, New York

         Made in Switzerland, Fri.Art, New York

         The Kitchen, New York 

         Anthology Archives, New York

         Art & Ego, Pan Arts, New York

         Galerie Sigma, Bregenz/DE

         Art Atrium, Stockholm/SE

         Alles und noch viel mehr, Kunstmuseum Bern/CH (curator: G.J. Lischka)

1984 Artists as Filmmakers, Franklin Furnace, New York 

         Makkom, Amsterdam/NL 

         Video 84, Montréal/CA 

1983  International Video Art Festival, Locarno/CH 

         Szene Schweiz, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne/DE 

         Image Latente, 96 Grand Street Gallery, New York

         Terminal Show, Brooklyn 

         Science & Prophecy, White Columns, New York (curators: Steven Whitesell & Joel Handorff)

         Catchwords, Caidoz Gallery, New York (curators: Alexander Hahn & Robert Montoya) 

         Resurrection Show, Middle Collegiate Church, New York (curators: Steven Whitesell & Joel Handorff) 

1982  Campus, Montréal/CA (curator: Monti Cantsin) 

         International Video Art Festival, Locarno/CH 

         Pinko, West Beth Painters’ Space, New York

         Judy Caden Gallery, New York (curator: Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer) 

         Pastiche, Grommet Gallery, New York (curator: Jean Dupuy) 

         The Pyramid, New York 

         Ward Nasse Gallery, New York (curator: Maggie Reilly)

         Franklin Furnace, New York 

1981   A's, New York 

         Monumental Show, Des Refuses, New York, Brooklyn 

         (curators: Frank Shiffreen, Michael Keane & George Moore)

Video Installations and Objects, selection

Transit of Earth, HD video for LED mosaic, 2.10 x 6.50 x 0.2 m (2022)

Marquee - a Holographic Tiara, 2 channel video for 2 holographic LED fans, 2 x 1 m (2022)

The Ruins of Naurattan, 2 channel kinetic video sculpture (2022)

Moonlighting: Dance by Lunar Polarity #2, 360º virtual reality (VR) 3D computer animation (2022) 

Albedo 0.30, 24hr HD video for LED mosaic, 10 x 4.3 m (2019) 

The Dead | Dinanath Pathy, HD video loop, cylinder anamorphosis (2018) 

CFL - Coded Fluorescent Light, for large HD video LCD panel, 5:55' loop (2016)

Gentleman of the Road - Going Back I'll Give You 100 Rupees, kinetic sculpture, 16 projectable pens, motors, dim. variable (2018)

Triumph of Labor, LED wheel, motor, 6ft 1 1/4" iron pipe, flange, motion sensor (2018) 

The Rationalization of Sight, LED strobe, phenakistoscope, platter, motor, size variable (2017) 

Endless Holidays, Star Magic, Acrobat,  Finding Debbie. v. d. P., gifs, 4K, dimensions variable (2017) 

Watching a Gora drive by while taking a Pee, stereoscope viewer, LED, 5ft 1" iron pipe, flange (2017) 

The Dead | Maximo Cosentini, HD video loop, cylinder anamorphosis (2017) 

Moonlighting: Dance by Lunar Polarity, 360º virtual reality (VR) 3D computer animation (2017) 

Making Savaale Samaali, mixed media, HD video loop, dimensions variable (2016) 

Boy by the Ganges, mixed media,  HD video loop,  dimensions variable (2016)  

Tectonic Shifts, 6 augmented reality (AR) prints, cellphone or tablet, dimension variable (2016) 

The Dead | Nico Castel, Lou Reed, Taylor Mead, etc., 12 HD video loops, cylinder anamorphoses (2015) 

Morse Rigveda X, 158, 4-5, HD video projection or flatscreen, 1:34', loop, (2012) 

Caochangdi Road, HD video projection, 41:43', loop (2012) 

The Dead | Max Mathews, HD loop for mirrored cylinder (2012)

ON, single channel HD loop (2012) 

Public Spaces - Private Strangers - Temporal Attractions, 3 channel HD video for LCD (2011) 

Master of the Staring Eye, ultra wide video mural, 3 contiguous HD video projections (2007) 

Luminous Point, interactive DVD (2005) 

Occurrence on Broadway & Columbus, circular floor projection (2005) 

N 36º25’12” W 116º48’43“ (Zabriskie Pt.), 16:9 plasma display work (2004) 

Rabbit in your Headlights, 2 ch. anamorphic video mural (2003) 

The Dead | 5 Anamorphoses, 5 TV tubes & cylindrical mirrors (2002) 

Moving Vast Amounts of Water to a Barren Place, double projection (2002) 

Plant Cycle, computer animation for 4:3 TV tube or LCD monitor (2002)

Memory of Present, 4 anamorphic video projections (2000)

My Own Private Universe, 3 computer animations for rear projection (1999) 

Memory of Light - Light of Memory, for 2 video projectors (1998) 

The Invisible Never Happens, for 3 video projectors and wax screens (1998) 

My Life as a Ghost, linear anamorphic video for 2 projectors (1998) 

Séance, for image wiper and video projector (1997) 

On The Nature Of Things, for rain machine, 4 TV tubes & 1 video beam (1996) 

The Kircher Itinerary, cycle of 4 installations w. stripped tv tubes (1990-1993) 

Arthur, 5 video channels for 8 TV tubes, soundscape w. 10 audio channels (1988)

Urban Memories, for 3 TV monitors (1986) 

Plant # 216/349, 2 TV-tubes, doll, anamorphic paper shapes (1982)

Permanent, commissioned Installations

2022  Transit of Earth, 8 x 22 ft. LED Mosaic, 46 min. loop

         Kunstmuseum St. Gallen/CH

2019  Albedo 0.30, 33 x 15 ft. LED Mosaic with 24hr video,

         F. Hoffmann - La Roche, entrance lobby of Home for IT , Kaiseraugst, Basel/CH 

1999  My Own Private Universe, 3 computer animations, rear projections, 

         Swisscom headquarters, Worblaufen/CH

Single Channel Videos (selection)

Pandemic Life, 13:42’ (2023),

INDOCAM, 84:30’ (2022)

Occult Chemistry, 6:04' (2019) 

Antloop, 6:27' (2013) 

Indian Records, 33:28' (2013) 

Shades of Gray 1 & 2, 3:00' (2012) 

Capturing Natural Sounds in the age of the vintage 78 records and other thoughts on traveling between different realities, parts 1-4, 8:21‘ (2005) 

Dirt Site, 15:30' (1990) 

Aerial Stills, 5:00' (1988) 

Viewers of Optics, 11:30' (1987) 

Aviation Memories, 7:30' (1986) 

Secret Sanctions, 10:00' (1986)

The Red Broadway Crawler, 14:31’ (1985) 

State of Being, 20:00' (1982) 

The Outer Plant, 28:00' (1982) 

A Real World Film, 6:00' (1981) 

Kleine Händerungen - Slight Handlings, S8, 11:09 (1979)

Demis, S8, 15:00' (1977) 

Jona, S8, 3:00' (1977)

Glass, 1/2 reel to reel, 5:00’ (1977)

2nd Take - 2nd Flight, 1/2 reel to reel, 5:40’ (1977)

Flight, 1/2 reel to reel, 1:20’ (1977)

Hard Cover Video Book Editions

Upon opening the hard cover lid, a computer animation with sound will automatically play on the integrated 10” LCD screen. A mini USB port and mini USB cable (included)will recharge the battery from a computer or cell phone charger.    

Endless Dream Co., 0:45’, loop (2023), Edition of 20 + 2AP, published by the Kunstverein St. Gallen,

Available here, or animation only as NFT on —>Rarible

Transmission, 0:30’, loop (2020), Edition of 10 + 2AP

Occurrence on Mount Kronberg, 2:00’, loop (2015), Edition of 10 + 2AP

CG Imagery | Prints (selection of most recent)

Older Medusa (on the Cover of VOGUE Magazine), A.I. images (2022 + ongoing)

Time & Again, A.I. images (in progress)

This Is Where Time Turns Into Space, A.I. images (in progress)

— And I Build a Crooked Space (2021 + ongoing)

Plein-air :: Spectacle of Public and Private Joy & Calamity (2020 + ongoing)

Public Places - Private Strangers - Temporal Encounters (2000 + ongoing) 

Simulated Drawings - Spurious Engravings (2001 + ongoing) 

The Artist's Studio as Encryption Lab (1996 + ongoing) 

Black Hole Sun (2007-2010) 

Answerable Questions & Questionable Answers to Various Visual Systems (2001 + ongoing)


Production Grant of the Canton St. Gallen Lottery Fund (2015)  

Cultural Prize of the City of Rapperswil-Jona/CH (2011)

Cultural Award of St. Gallen/CH (2009)

Media Production Grant of the New York State Council on the Arts, New York (2008)

Work Grant of the City of Zurich/CH (2007)

Finishing Funds Experimental TV Center, Owego, NY/US (2005) (2004)

Cultural Foundation Award, Union Bank of Switzerland (2003)

the namics Art Prize/CH (2002)

The Laser d’Oro, VideoArt Festival, Locarno/CH (1998)

Price for Young Swiss Art, Zurich/CH (1995)

Media Production Grant of the New York State Council on the Arts, New York (1995)

Swiss National Grant/CH (1993)

World Wide Video Festival Installation Award for The Bernoulli Itinerary, The Hague/NL (1992)

Grand Prix Festival International du Jeune Vidéo for Dirt Site, Montréal/CA (1992)

Special Mention 6ème MIV & TV Festival for Dirt Site, Montbéliard/FR (1992)

Work of Excellence for Dirt Site, Tokyo Video Festival/JP (1990)

Honorable Mention for Dirt Site, Australian Video Festival (1990)

Media Production Grant of the New York State Council on the Arts, New York (1990)

Media Production Grant of the New York State Council on the Arts, New York (1989)

San Francisco Poetry Film Festival Kenneth Patchen Award for Arthur (1989)

Swiss National Grant/CH (1988)

World Wide Video Festival Installation Award for Arthur, The Hague/NL (1988)

Media Production Grant of the New York State Council on the Arts, New York (1988)

Recognition Award for Urban Memories, Union Bank of Switzerland (1987)

Swiss National Grant/CH (1987)

Grand Prix Ville de Genève for Viewers of Optics, 2e Semaine Int. de Vidéo, Genève/CH (1987)

Best of Festival for Viewers of Optics, North Florida Video Festival (1987)

Award 12th Poetry Film Festival for Viewers of Optics, San Francisco (1987)

1st Prize Computer Graphics for Urban Memories,

Video Culture International, Don Mills, Ontario/CA (1987)

New York Foundation for the Arts/US (1986)

Art Matters, New York (1986)

Cultural Foundation Award, Union Bank of Switzerland (1985)

Committee for the Visual Arts Grant, Artists Space, New York (1984)

Fondation de la Vocation, Geneva/CH (1984)

On-line, social media

vimeo, video archive & installation documentaries (ongoing)

Instagram, photo & video chronicle (@lxhahn1, ongoing) 

facebook, video vignettes, (2008 & ongoing)

linkedIn, video vignettes (ongoing) 

tumblr, «CGI’s«, 3D images (@hahnlx, ongoing)

            «Singular Acts», photos, video vignettes (@lxhahn, 2013 - 2020)

blogspot, Bharat | India, video vignettes (Oct 2012 - Jan 2013) 

Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, LINKI (2001) 

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Experimental Television Center, Atlanta, 7 Links (2021) 

(Miscellanea, created on the occasion of the ETC’s 50th birthday and relocation from Owego, NY to Atlanta, GA)

Artist in Residencies

Signal Culture, Owego/NY (2015, 2020)

Pro Helvetia, Swiss Cultural Council India Residency, New Delhi + Varanasi (2012)

Bogliasco Foundation, Artist in Residence, Genova/IT (1997, 2006)

Darat-al-Funun A.I.R., Amman/JO (2006)

art+com, Artist in Residence, Berlin/DE (1994-1995)

DAAD fellowship, Berlin/DE (1993)

Istituto Svizzero di Roma (1990)

Harvestworks Residency, New York/US (1989)

Experimental Television Center Residency, Owego/NY (from 1986 annually through 2012)

Visiting Artist, Lectures

Pratt Institute for Art and Design, New York (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009, 2003)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland (2015, 2002)

Tongji University, Shanghai, China (2014)

School of Design, Basel, Switzerland (2014, 2007, 1986)

Fudan University, Shanghai, China (2009)

Media Art Academy Hangzhou, China (2009)

Now Art Museum, Beijing, China (2009)

CEPV, Centre d'enseignement professionnel de Vevey, Switzerland (2007, 2008, 2009)

ESBAT, École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours, France (1997)

Kunstschule Wetzikon, Switzerland (2000)

Humboldt University, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Berlin, Germany (1999)

University of Fine Arts, Zurich, Switzerland (1997)

University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany (1993)

Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany (1993)

Collections (selection)

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin

ICP - International Center of Photography, New York

UBS Art Collection, New York

WGBH, Boston

Collection Nestlé, Vevey 

Collection Crédit Suisse, Zürich

Kunstmuseum Solothurn

Musée Jenisch, Vevey

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen

Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunstmuseum Bern

Kunstzeughaus, Rapperswil

Peter & Elisabeth Bosshard Collection, Rapperswil


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Press, Articles (selection)

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Catherine Gfeller Words of Artists/Portraits of Artists, 2012 Kunstmuseum Solothurn | Alexander Hahn, April 28, 2007  »»»

Matthias Behrens 3 Approaches, 1994

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